About Propinquity Associates

Propinquity Associates Business and Management Consulting specializes in Knowledge Management and People Development, it was formed in the year 2000.

“We provide support to businesses interested in achieving results to improve their effectiveness using resources they currently have available.” Propinquity Associates offers one to one coaching for Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s), Coaching for Executive Level Management, as well as Senior Level Management, Interactive Workshops for Leadership, Interactive Workshops for Management, Interactive Workshops for Organizational Development, and Interactive Workshops to Increase Business Effectiveness. Propinquity Associates also develops boards making them efficient, effective and empowered. Propinquity Associates has developed over 200 boards.


To develop a premier organization that uses “knowledge management” and “people development to provide the most value to client organizations.
This is done by conducting in client organizations workshops, training, seminars and facilitation of meetings.


To delight our clients by extracting the most value from within their organizations to make them more productive and profitable.


To use presentation skills, technology and various forms of communication to partner with our clients to embrace change to obtain the most value for their organization.